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Bornean Bay Cat - mystery of the cat family


The Bornean Bay Cat is a little known species located only on the island of BBornean Bay cat faceorneo and found nears the bays. They are an extremely rare species of exotic cat, and so rare, that there are only a few photographs to exist. There is only evidence of their existence is from the skulls and pelts that have been found. These cats are quit the mystery of the cat family. The Bornean Bay Cat has never been seen by any biologist. They have been recorded recently by camera traps at a wildlife preserve. Other than that, all information has been gained from a few skins and skulls in a European Museum.


A female Bay Cat adult was brought to a museum alive though near death, but died soon after. She had apparently been kept in captivity for several months after being trapped. This was the first and last time a whole animal had ever been seen.


From the rare sighting, it is supposed to resemble the Temminck's (asian) Golden Cat, and some even claim that it would be a subspecies of the Asian Golden cat. This cat is known to be able to grow up to 2 feet according to the skulls, pelt, and sightings. The coat of this rare specie is supposed to a reddish brown, however, there have been reports of gray cats. The underbelly is lightly spotted and there should be white markings on the chin. The teeth of the Bornean Bay Cat are actually different from the other exotic cats out there according to the studies done on the found skulls. Most cats have two roots in the upper premolars, the bay cats have only one.


All that is known about the diet of this cat have taken from the stomach of dead cats and includes reptiles, insects, birds, and small mammals. Monkeys are also thought to be an important part of the diet.


The reproductive behaviour and the lifespan of bay cats is unknown. One would have to asume that it is similar to other small wild cat species.


Borneo only has 3 reserves that are operating, with overBay cat camera trp picture 20 more proposed. Unfortunately, all are being settled by humans as well as being logged. Loss of habitat would seem to be the main threat to this little known species, and they may have always been rare. The Bornean Bay Cats habitat is being destroyed at a rapid pace due to massive deforestation in Borneo. There is not enough information to estimate the population status


Bay cats are on CITES Appendix II and are listed by the IUCN as Vulnerable. Some biologist estimate that only 50 cats of this species is left, but in reality, no one knows for sure. The World Conservation Union Cat Specialist Group has placed a high priority on field research on this species.